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Fan Fic Reviews??

So I created a new comm. Here are the details:

The What: The Fanfic Critic is a community where I will be posting reviews of all the fan fiction I read.

The Why: I've decided to create this community because I love reading fan fiction, but I find it difficult to wade through all the not so good stuff, to get to the great stuff, and I imagine I'm not the only one out there who feels that way. While there are tons of rec lists and so forth, they hardly ever give you an idea of what a fic is like. It might sound great at first glance, but then it turns out it's full of plot holes, spelling mistakes or maybe it's never been finished. I hate when I start reading a fic, getting really into it, and then's been abandoned.

The Goal: To create a resource for reader and writers alike. A place where readers can be sure that the fics I've reviewed have been finished. Where there is as much info on the quality as possible, without giving away too much of the plot. Also a place where writers of the fan fiction that I review can get some constructive criticism. on their story. Something they can use to improve their writing, if they are interested in doing so.


What I will read:
  • Het
  • Gen
  • Slash.
  • Kink!fic
  • Supernatural Fics
  • Real Person Fics (RPF)
  • Pirates Of The Caribbean Fics
  • Lord Of The Rings Fics
  • Eminem Fics
  • Backstreet Boys Fics
  • Buffy The Vampire Slayer Fics
  • Original Character/whomever from above mentioned fandoms Fics
  • Mary Sue stories (yes I know, but there are some good ones out there, I'm sure of it!)
  • AU Fics
I will probably add more as I go.

What I Won't Read
  • Wincest (or incest of any kind.)
  • Underage sexual relations (Underage in my country 15, so any character over 15 years of age is ok.)
Again, I'm sure more will be added as I go along.

What Reviews May Include:
  • Summary
  • All the details (i.e. rating, pairing, genre, fandom etc.)
Comments on:
  • Plot
  • Language
  • Characters
  • The Good (What I found good about the story)
  • The Bad (What I found didn't work)
  • Notable Quotables (Qoutes from the the story that I found awesome)
  • Who might be interested in reading the story
  • A star rating (from 1 to 6 stars, 1 being bad, 6 being Fantastic!)
These are just some of the things the reviews will include. Every review will most likely differ, but most, if not all, of the above will be included.


If you have a story  that fits into the above criteria, and you'd like a review of that story, please comment here with a link. It does not have to be posted in LJ, it can be from any website. You can use it as a promotional tool if you want, or you can use it as a tool to help you in your writing.

In my reviews I will be honest, but not mean. I will provide constructive criticism. If I don't like a fic, I will tell you, but I will also tell you why, without flaming you.

So basically, I'll be posting reviews of the stories I read. If you want me to review one or more of your stories, go join the comm and post the link in the comments of the first post. :-)

Here's the link: thefanficcritic
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