line_sal (line_sal) wrote,

So I have started writing…


Yeah, I’ve started writing again. Just getting my thoughts on my writing down on paper, or computer screen if you will, the other day, actually helped inspire me.

I’ve started outlining what will hopefully be some sort of crime novel. I’m approaching it as a fanfic right now, but if I think it’s good enough and if the response I get for it is good enough, I might rewrite it and actually publish it.

I’ve also started using Storybook to help sort of organize my ideas, and to help keep track of the stories in the story and the characters. I would love to use a program called Dramatica Pro, but it’s friggin’ expensive. lol Storybook is way more within my budget.

I also have some other ideas, for those Mary Sue/bad!fics I mentioned, so I’ll probably start working on those too. Maybe. lol

And I’ve decided I’ll have a one hour writing sprint today. I’ll just write whatever comes to mind. Maybe it’ll be something I use, maybe not. We’ll see. I’ll start the sprint in 1 hour, so if anyone wants to join me, please let me know, and when it’s done we can update each other on what we got done. :-)

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