line_sal (line_sal) wrote,

Update on my fiction


So, life has been kicking my ass, but in a good way. I haven’t been able to write anything for a long time, because I’ve started a new job, and when I get home from work I have no energy. lol I feel old. But I’m not complaining. On top of my job, the entertainment blog is really starting to pick up some speed, so to speak, so I have to devote some time to that too. So yeah, time to actually sit down to write some fiction has been very scarce.

I miss writing though. And the thing is, I really want to write, but it seems that whenever I do actually find some time to sit down and write, I can’t seem to get anything down. It’s like friggin’ writers block all over again. Very very frustrating.

So I’m thinking of just doing like 1 hour writing sessions at least a few days a week, provided I find the time, where I just write. The idea is that I just want to write without thinking of quality. I want to write like I did when I first started writing fiction a thousand years ago, where it was just for fun. So you might start seeing some horrible bad!fic from me, and you might start seeing some fantastically stupid Mary Sue fics, but please know that those stories are really just meant to get the creative juices flowing again. They are really just meant to take the pressure I put on myself away to I can at least start producing some fiction again. And maybe, just maybe, one of those, most likely, horrible stories will have some trace of  something that could turn into something good, and then I might to a rewrite/revamp of that, to make it something actually worht reading.

Now having said that, and given you fair warning about things to come, you are more than welcome to read and give some constuctive feedback. Especially if you actually see some potential in any of the stuff I put out. lol

I hope this process will help me get back to my other stories so I can continue them. I will probably also do a poll to see what people want me to finish first. :-)

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