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FIC: Unexpected (15/15) Nick Carter/Eminem – NC-17 (RPS) WIP

Title: Unexpected (15/15)

By: Line

Rating: NC-17 for language and sexual stuff.

Pairing: Nick/Eminem

Disclaimer: I don’t know either of them. This is COMPLETE fiction. That means I made it all up! *grin*

Feedback: I’d love some. I’m a complete feedback whore, and I’m not too proud to beg! LOL Also…I’m gonna need to know if I should continue this, or if I’m just wasting my time writing this…

Previous Parts:

Chapter 15

**Marshall's POV**

I laugh and lean down, capturing the protruding lip between my lips, engaging Nick in another heated kiss. I can't believe how fucking turned on I am. I swear it's never been like this. Like this all consuming fire that I both want to escape from and dive deeper into. But I'm done letting my fears control my life, especially my love life.

Nick moans softly, and I move my lips down his neck, licking a trail from his ear to his collarbone. He tastes like salt and a little bit of chlorine and so much Nick, and it's the best taste in the world. I suck a mark into his neck, and I feel my cock jump at the thought of marking him, making it known to everyone that he's mine. Fuck!

I kiss my way down toward the spot where my elbow hit, and I begin to kiss and suck around the area. Nick groans, running his hands through my hair, holding my head to his chest. I can't help but smile against his skin at the way he desperately clings to me. I give the spot one final, suctioning kiss, before moving over to his left nipple.

I licked a slow circle around the brown nub, before sucking in into my mouth, My left hand is slowly teasing the opposite nipple into a peak. As I suck, Nick arches into my mouth, a loud moan leaving him.

“Ooooh fuck!” It comes out almost on a sigh.

“You like that?” I ask him, teasing.

Nick looks down at me, meeting my eyes,

“Hell yeah!”

I can't help but laugh, but then I go back to my teasing. I bite, nibble and lick at his right nipple, bringing out more amazing sounds from him, before I lick my way across his chest and give his right nipple the same treatment.

Nick's hands are roaming all over every part of me, that he can touch. I've noticed that every time I do something he particularly likes, his fingers will dig into my skin, making me shudder. His reactions to what I do to him is suck a fucking turn on, I'm amazed I've managed to last this long. He keeps arching into my touch, as if he can't get enough of me, and it's the best fucking feeling in the world.

I finally give up my assault on his nipples, leaving them hard, wet and glistening, before I lick my way down his sternum to his bellybutton. I let my tongue circle around his belly button a few times, making Nick, sigh and moan, and then flick my tongue in and out a few times.


Nick arches into my mouth, and I can feel his cock twitch where my chest is touching it.

I look up at him, and his face is covered in a light sheen of sweat, he's flushed and biting his bottom lip, a look of pleasure and concentration on his face. I don't think he's ever looked more sexy. I kinda just wanna lick the furrow in his brow. Taste the sweat. I feel my heart clench.

“You're fuckin' gorgeous like this.” I whisper. Nick smiles a little, opening his eyes and looking at me. I smile back and bend my head down to continue teasing him.

My tongue follows the treasure trail down to Nick's shorts, and I grab a hold of the elastic band to pull them down. My tongue and lips continue licking and sucking marks into his skin as I move further and further down.

I wanna taste him. I fucking wanna taste him all over. I can't remember ever feeling like this before, but I must have. Back in the beginning with Kim. I mean I fucking married her, and if I could I'd fucking marry Nick right now.

Whoa! Where the hell did that come from? Fuck it! Never mind.

Nick lifts his hips and helps me get the shorts completely off, but when I go to take his cock into my mouth I feel his hands pushing me away.

For a moment I feel anger brewing inside me, but then I look up at him. He's smiling, almost laughing. I smirk at him.

“If you do that, this'll be over before it's begun.” He says.

I can't help but chuckle.

“Can't have that, now can we?” I ask, raising an eyebrow.

“I wanna cum with you inside me.” He almost blushes when he says that, and I can't believe my pulse could be any quicker, but it is. Fuck, I want that too.

“I want that too.” I whisper. I lean up and engage him in a passionate kiss that's all tongues and teeth and moans and sighs. Then I raise up a little and Nick moves further on to the bed.

I follow him, but not before shoving my own shorts down and off, and sit on my knees between his legs. His long fucking legs that I can't wait to have wrapped around me.

Nick turns to the side and pulls something out of the night stand. He smiles at me as he pushed it into my hand. I look down at the objects and see that it's a condom and some lube. My heart speeds up even more. This is it. After this there's definitely no going back. I look up at Nick again. He looks so turned on and happy, but I also he a little bit of apprehension in his eyes.

I smile at him, and lean down, laying myself on top of him, and I kiss him. I try to push everything I'm feeling into the kiss. The passion, the love, how much I want him and how much I want to be here and do this. He's a little bit tense at first, but then he relaxes and he starts giving as good as he gets.

After a while I break the kiss and pull back to sit on my knees again. I squeeze some lube out into my hand, and spread it across my fingers warming it up. Nick is completely focused on my every movement.

Looking into his eyes, I grab the tube of lube again, and squeeze a dollop out onto his balls, where it drips down into his crack. He hisses and squeezes his eyes shut,

“Fuck!” He groans. “Don't fucking tease me anymore!”

I laugh softly and move my lube covered fingers down to spread the it around. I trail a finger down from his balls to where I finally find the bumpy skin of his hole. Nick arches and lifts his hips, trying to get closer to my touch.

I circle his hole a few times, pressing my finger against the rim every now and then, and I lean down and kiss his knee, licking and kissing all the way down to where his thigh and hip meet. Nick is writhing on the bed, moaning softly. His hands have a grip on the comforter, pulling, clenching. He almost looks like he's in pain, from my treatment. I guess he almost is. His cock is rock hard, arching up toward his stomach, an angry red. I imagine I can almost see the pulse of the blood filling it.

I decide to take pity on him and finally push a single finger into him. I push in to the first knuckle, before pulling out again, circling the rim a few times, massaging the muscle, then I push in again. This time push all the way in. I'm amazed at the heat surrounding my finger. It's like he's burning up inside, and the thought of my dick in there makes my breath stutter.

I start moving my finger in and out slowly, getting him to loosen up a bit. Nick is pushing back onto my finger, and I decide to add another.

I pull out, use a little more lube, and then slowly push both fingers into him. He sighs loudly and pushed into my hand. Once I've got both fingers completely inside him, I start moving them in and out again, twisting them and scissoring them every once in a while. I look up to see Nick watching me intensely. His mouth is open, lips swollen from our kisses and the way he keeps biting them, and he's making these breathy little moans. His hair is stuck to his sweaty forehead, and I see a drip of sweat rolling down from his temple, to his neck, to finally land in the hollow where his throat and collarbone meet.

I lick my lips, wanting to capture that drop on my tongue. I lean up and over him, still thrusting my fingers in and out, and I bend down to lick that drop off him, but right before I reach it, the changed angle of my fingers makes me hit Nick's prostate.

Nick lets out something that almost sounds like a squeak, throwing his head back, and fucking himself back onto my fingers with even more fervor.

“Holy fuck!” He shouts, “Do that again!”

I look at him, laughing gleefully at his reaction,

“What? This?” I tap his prostate again, and that earns me another groan. Nick arches and grips onto the comforter until his knuckles turn white.

“So I guess that feels pretty good, huh?” I say, tapping it again.

“Fuck...yeah....” Nick gulps in huge breaths of air.

I start hitting the bundle of nerves on every other stroke and Nick is flailing, fucking back, cursing, sighing and moaning louder than ever before. Fuck, this is so fucking hot.

I'm so focused on watching the expressions that cross his face, that I almost don't hear him when he starts saying something,

“You gotta...” Tap “Fuck!” Tap “Marshall! You gotta...” Tap “Stop! Marshall, I need you in me. Now!”

I pull my fingers out, and grab the condom. I roll it on and squeeze a dollop into my hand. I lean over Nick and kiss him deeply, as I lube up my cock. I can't wait to be inside him.

Nick wraps his arms around me as I kiss him, and we just kiss for a minute. We're both trying to calm down a little before going any further. My dick is rock hard, I think I could actually hammer nails with it. Jesus!

I break the kiss and look into Nick's eyes.

“You ready?” I ask.

He smiles this bright fucking smile, and I swear it's like staring into the sun. God I love this man.

“More than.” He says.

I nod, and line up my cock with his hole. I push in slowly, feeling the muscle give way. I feel like I'm almost shaking from trying not to go to fast, and then all of a sudden I'm completely inside him. I moan at the feeling of being encased in burning hot velvet and Nick sighs as if this is what he's been missing all his life. I like to think it is.

I pull out slowly, almost all the way out, and then push back in again.

I set a slow pace at first, just pulling out and pushing back in, and I stare into Nick's eyes. I could drown in those eyes. And when the fuck did I start sounding like a fucking romance novel? Oh yeah, when I finally allowed myself to fall in love with Nick.

All of a sudden, Nick clenches his inner muscles and my eyes roll back into my head, it feels so fucking good. I lean down and kiss him, and then I speed up my thrusts. We stay connected with my cock in his ass and our lips, and we swallow each others moans.

I change the angle a little and I start hitting his prostate in every stroke. He moans even loader, and meets every thrust with one of his own.

I can feel my orgasm building, and suddenly I can't fucking think anymore. It's like my body just takes over and fucks and fucks. There's a tingling at my spine and I can feel it spreading, spreading, moving out in big waves of absolute pleasure.

Nick reaches down to start jerking his dick, while I just keep thrusting, thrusting, pounding his prostate, trying to bring us both closer to the goal. But I wanna be the one to make him cum. So I push his hand away have start stroking his dick for him.

“Fuck! I'm so fucking close!” It's almost a shout, and I can feel my toes curling, the muscles in my entire body are tightening.

“Me...too!” Nick says, completely breathless.

Two, three more thrusts, and the tingling explodes. Sending wave after wave of pleasure coursing through my body as I shoot my load into the condom.

I keep thrusting, hitting his prostate every single time, as I jerk him off, It isn't more than maybe 15 seconds, before Nick arches his back, the tendons on his neck standing out, as he shoot all over my hand and his stomach.

“Ooooh fuck! Marsh!”

The little strength I have left finally leaves me, and I collapse in top of Nick. I don't care if I'm laying in his come. That was the best sex I've ever fucking had, and believe me, I've had a lot.

I feel Nick trying to pull me up, so I raise my head, still out of breath, and look at him.

He lifts his head and I lean up and meet his lips in a soft, languid kiss, before I roll over and lay on my side beside him.

We're quiet for a few minutes, just trying to get out hearts to stop racing and our lungs to start working properly again.

Finally Nick turns over on his side to face me.

“So...No regrets?” He asks softly, smiling a little.

I look at him. I don't even have to think about it.

“Fuck no!” I tell him honestly. If this is a mistake, it's the best fucking mistake I've ever made.

“Not about any of it?” He asks. I smile.

“I never thought any of this would happen.” I tell him. “It was definitely unexpected, but not unwanted.”

He laughs and he rolls over on top of me as we kiss.

The End

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