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FIC: Unexpected (14/?) Nick Carter/Eminem – NC-17 (RPS) WIP

Title: Unexpected (14/?)

By: Line

Rating: NC-17 for language and sexual stuff.

Pairing: Nick/Eminem

Disclaimer: I don’t know either of them. This is COMPLETE fiction. That means I made it all up! *grin*

Feedback: I’d love some. I’m a complete feedback whore, and I’m not too proud to beg! LOL Also…I’m gonna need to know if I should continue this, or if I’m just wasting my time writing this…

Previous Parts: 123456789101112

Marshall’s POV

I can’t believe he thought I’d hurt him. Fuck! I can’t believe I just told him I’m in love with him. But I am. God damn it! I’m in love with a man, a Backstreet Boy no less, and I wouldn’t change it for the world. Not when his reaction to hearing me say that is to kiss me like this.

The passion in the kiss is intense, and I can’t help but react to it. My arms come around his waist, and I hold him to me, kissing him for all I’m worth. It’s like we can’t get close enough.

My hands slip down to his ass and I grab hold of it, pulling him even closer. Our groins come into contact. We’re both hard. I lift Nick up, and he wraps his legs around me. I stumble forward, reaching the wall of the pool.

I pull back from the kiss. I need air. This is…fuck this is so fucking hot, and I feel like I can’t breathe. I look at Nick. His lips are swollen, cherry red. His hairs a mess and his eyes are dazed. He’s breathing hard. I guess he’s as turned on as me.

I lean back in, nipping at his bottom lip before kissing him again. Nick moans, and I feel my cock jump in my shorts. I grind my hardness into him, wanting more, needing more. Nick responds, grinding against me, and I feel like I’m ready to explode already. Every noise that escapes him, every moan and every whimper just brings me closer to the edge.

It’s kind of scary. I’ve never felt this way with anyone. I’ve never felt so out of control. I hate not being in control. At least I used to, but right here, right now, it’s the fucking best feeling in the world.

I kiss him hard, with all the passion and desperation inside me. Like I'm a dying man trapped in a desert, and he's the only water for miles around. 

I pull back from the kiss slowly, and Nick lets out the sexiest whimper I've ever heard. I open my eyes and look up into his, and his eyes look almost black. Fuck! I really really need to get into his pants.

The thought sort of catches me by surprise, but fuck if I'm gonna chicken out. Yeah. I'm so ready to have full on sex with a guy, it's not even funny. Well, not just any guy, fucking Nick Carter. But you know what? I'm in love, and I want to take that final step. Shit. I never thought I'd find myself in a situation like this, or even one remotely similar to this.

I don't know what the fuck he's done to me. And to be honest, I don't really care. I don't think I can remember the last time I felt this happy. heard me. Eminem is fucking a relationship...with another dude.

I take a steadying breath, feeling my pulse slow down a little. Nick is looking back at me, and he looks almost nervous, biting his bottom lip, which just makes me want to bite it for him.

I smile a little and lean forward to give him a soft kiss and then I say,

“Let's get out of the pool, huh?”


Nick leads the way back into the house. We're both dripping water all over the carpet, but personally I don't give a shit. All I know is that I want this man, and I want him now.

Nick has a strong grip on my hand as we walk toward the bedroom, as if he's afraid I'll change my mind and run screaming from the house. I guess if this had happened a few months ago, I would have, but not anymore.

I don't know how this happened, but I, Eminem, Slim Shady, Marshall Mathers, have fallen in love. I never thought I could fall in love again after all the shit I went through with Kim, but I have. And with a man no less. Fuck. My life is fucking weird.

Nick gives my hand a little squeeze and and I look up at him. He's looking over his shoulder at me, almost shyly, and I feel my heart trip a little. He's fucking gorgeous. I can tell he's still nervous this isn't real, so I smile back at him, trying to reassure him. Nothing is gonna stop me from going through with this.

**Nick's POV**

We finally reach the bedroom and I just stop. All of a sudden I'm really nervous. I mean, yeah I want this, god do I want this, but what if he regrets it after? What if we do this and then he leaves? I don't think I could deal with it if that happened.

I feel Marshall's hands touching my back, pushing softly, to get me to go further into the room. I take a few steps and he follows me. His hands trail across my back, my side, to my chest and all of a sudden he's standing in front of me, looking up at me.

I try to read his expression and I realize that our roles have completely reversed. I'm so fucking nervous right now, and there he is, looking at me trying to reassure me with just a look. I chuckle softly and run a hand through my wet hair.

He smiles and grabs me by the neck, pulling me down to meet his lips in a kiss.

It's so soft at first, just a gentle meeting of closed lips. I close my eyes and breathe deeply through my nose. I feel his teeth nipping at my bottom lip, trying to gain access and I grant it immediately.

All of a sudden the calmness and softness of a moment ago disappears and the desperation that spurred us downstairs is back.

My hands grab onto his biceps, trying to pull him closer, trying to almost crawl inside him. His hands are fisted in my hair, and our tongues battle for control, trying to taste as much of each other as possible.

He starts pulling back and I can't help the mewl of protest that escapes me. But he pushed back in, letting me know he's not going anywhere, and then he's guiding us over to the bed.

The back of my knees hit the bed and I feel myself tumbling backwards. In my panic, both at the fall, and the thought of letting go of Marshall, I tighten my grip on him, and we both land with a loud “Oomph”. His elbow hits me right in my chest.

“Ow!” I say petulantly. He pulls back and looks down at me, eyes bright and smiling. Then he snickers.

“It's your own damn fault for not letting go.” He says laughing. I give him a withering stare and rub at the sore spot with my hand.

“Shut up!” I tell him with a pout.


A/N – This is most likely the second to last chapter, but I’m planning a sequel. :-) I can’t let these two go. Hehe. Also, feedback is loved and appreciated.

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